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Relocating or selling your tanning salon? Are you considering moving yourself or hiring a typical residential or business mover? That decision may be much more costly than you realize!

Your experience tells you that tanning equipment is both expensive and relatively easy to damage. Mishandling your equipment by movers that are not aware of the necessary safety steps to protect acrylics, lamps and electronics can create damage to your precious equipment that is more costly than your entire move! Why not contact the industry leaders in expert tanning bed, booth and other electronic equipment moving and storage - Tanning Bed Movers!

Moving and Storage

If your main concern is a tight budget, perhaps moving yourself appears to be an option. However if you choose to do so please consider the cost of shattering your acrylics, scratching the finish or worse yet, damaging your electron cs. Tanning Bed Movers are experienced tanning equipment professionals experienced in taring down, packaging and protecting, moving and installing all of the industry's top brands of tanning equipment and systems. We will carefully package your salons equipment for moving and/or storage.

Hire a Professionals at Tanning Bed Movers

Whether you are moving your equipment across town across state, across the country or even storing your equipment for a later date, Tanning Bed Movers has an inexpensive solution to your immediate needs. While it may appear that hiring a full-service, experienced tanning equipment mover is more costly than doing it yourself, you might consider that doing it yourself may require you to miss work and focus on your real business. Hiring a professional will free you of the tedious planning, packing, loading, driving and unloading, thus allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff such as making sure you and your family is comfortable. Tanning Bed Movers will save you time, effort, and stress. Contact Tanning Bed Movers today for your free estimate.

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